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National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)

Illinois State University has been continuously accredited since 1954.

In April 2012, The Board of Examiners found that Illinois State successfully met all six of the national standards for educator preparation.  In addition, Illinois State achieved the highest marks (“target”) in four standards.  The NCATE report cited the following areas of strength:

  • Content preparation of educators
  • Clinical experience opportunities for candidates
  • Multiple initiatives to incorporate diversity across the unit
  • Broad participation of faculty members in the unit governance system

Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)

ISBE is the policy governing body for public and private education in Illinois.

Graduation Rates/Content Test Results

  • 38% of all teacher education majors graduate within four years and 51% of all teacher education majors graduate within five years.
  • 100% of teacher education program completers passed the Illinois State Board of Education test in 2011-2012.


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