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Social Foundations of Education

The purpose of Social Foundations is to:

  • Use the perspectives of sociology, history, philosophy, anthropology, cultural studies, comparative education, and political science (i.e. disciplinary foundations) to understand why schools operate the way they do.
  • Critically assess educational beliefs, policies, and practices in light of their origins, influences, and consequences across the disciplinary foundations.
  • Connect the disciplinary foundations of education to the lived experience of people and communities.
  • Create cross-disciplinary dialogue and understanding related to minority studies, gender studies, queer studies, multicultural education, democracy, and issues of educational equality and equity.

View our social foundations faculty.

Undergraduate Courses

All teacher education majors must take one of the following: EAF 228, EAF 231, or EAF 235. These courses are offered in a 100% online or traditional in-person format and require a clinical experience in a diverse setting. 

  1. View the EAF Diverse Field Experience PowerPoint.
  2. If you are self-placing in a site not already approved as diverse, complete the Diversity Affirmation Form. Keep a copy to turn in with your Blue Doc. You may also use ISU’s self-placement form as an official means to request a placement at a school or agency.
  3. At the end of the term, document your DFE using a “blue doc.” If your course is 100% online, complete the EAF Online Blue Doc Form, an ISU select survey for which you type in your ISU ULID (as "username") and ISU password. Blue Docs are due:
    • Summer Online Classes: Last day of the first week of the fall semester
    • Fall and Spring Online Classes: Last day of finals week.
    • Face to Face Classes: Turn into the instructor by the last day of finals week.

Note: DFE hours must be completed during the course. If you do not complete and document the hours, you cannot pass the class! Contact Pamela Hoff if you have questions not answered by the DFE PowerPoint.

Register for an override if you cannot get into an undergraduate course.

Graduate Courses

  • EAF 433 Leading Learning for Equity and Social Justice
  • EAF 525 Foundations of Comparative Multicultural Education
  • EAF 521 Moral and Political Foundations of Education Policy Analysis
  • EAF 523 Seminar in Educational Policy Analysis
  • EAF 526 History of Educational Thought (note this is now a special topics course)
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