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Mary and Jean Borg Center for Reading and Literacy

The Mary and Jean Borg Center for Reading and Literacy at Illinois State University was developed as a public service to offer opportunities that facilitate the development of various literacies among the residents of Illinois through service and research. Through a range of programs, partnerships, and collaborations the Center seeks to promote the literacies of all residents, throughout their lifespans, in their homes, schools, workplaces, and communities. The Center achieves this goal by providing service, teaching, and research of use to policymakers, educators, parents, employers, and others.

The Center has been successful in developing partnerships with schools, organizations and communities to share best practices and to provide professional development in literacy education. The Center is committed to involving partners in learning, research, and assessment and to developing innovative approaches to disseminate research findings.

Tutoring Opportunities

The center invites opportunities to provide consulting, professional development, and presentations related to literacy and literacy education. We are proud to partner with America Reads beginning Summer 2015. You may go to their site to learn about tutoring opportunities

Contact us

If you are interested in discussing these services, please contact the Center at or (309) 438-5433.

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