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Close Reading Shift Kit

The Close Reading Kit was designed to give administrators and teachers some background information on what is expected for student achievement with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the area of Close Reading.

Contents of the kit include:

  • An introduction and definition of Close reading and the need for rigorous instruction across content areas;
  • Presentation materials to build capacity at the school level;
  • Research based articles supporting the strategy of Close reading; and
  • Instructional resources responsive to the demands of the CCSS.
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new Professional Books
NewA Look at Close Reading in Schools/Districts 
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Critical Directions
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new Bringing Close Reading and Accountable Talk into an Interactive Read Aloud by Lucy Calkins (3-5)

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  • Grades 6-12: Close Reading of a Literary Passage
  • Grades 9-12: This website was created by a professor of English for his students however it gives clear directions on what the critical reading process of a text entails at the upper grades. 
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