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Narrative Writing Kit

The Narrative Writing Kit was designed to give teachers and administrators some background information on what is expected for student achievement with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the area of narrative writing.

Contents of the kit include:

  • Introduction and differences of narrative writing types
  • Presentation materials to build capacity at the school level
  • Instructional resources responsive to the demands of the CCSS
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NewProfessional Books
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NewAdditional Book Resources
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Critical Directions
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  • Achieve The Core - K-12 Narrative Writing Samples from the Vermont Writing Collaborative in association with Student Achievement Partners.
  • PARCC Rubrics 
  • Read Write Think Strategy Guides


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  • Grades K-12: Rubrics created by the Elk Grove School District, CA
  • Grades K-12:  On Demand Instruction houses several videos that will assist students and teachers in writing. 
  • Grades K-8:  The Reading and Writing project offers comprehensive information for K-8 teachers on reading and writing instruction. 
  • Grades 5-12:  EduCore, designed by ASCD, houses tools that explain and support the Literacy Design Collaborative. This website defines the LDC and the many resources that are housed on the EduCore website. 
  • Grades K-8: offers several texts for use as mentor texts along with book lists that itemize which purpose the text could be utilized for such as characterization, mood, theme, beginning, middle, end, etc…    


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  • WebEx: Identifying and Implementing Key Components of Effective Writing Instruction

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