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Doctorate in Educational Administration and Foundations - Higher Education Administration

Within the Department of Educational Administration and Foundations, the Higher Education Administration concentration is available to candidates who hold a master's degree, and have experience (teaching, administrative, or staff) in a higher education institute.

The higher education concentration allows experienced educators and administrators to advance their knowledge in ways that will further their careers and enable them to make further contributions to higher education. This concentration culminates in a doctor of philosophy degree.

Program Features

  • Majority of candidates are part-time students with full-time jobs.
  • Students have eight years to complete the degree.
  • Class meets at Illinois State Campus 4 weekends per semester (Reserve Tuesday nights for synchronous or asynchronous online class sessions)

  • Training in a variety of areas, including:
    • The many issues affecting higher education, organization and administrative theory, as well as higher education finance, law, and history.
    • Identifying and utilizing appropriate technologies.
    • Understanding of the roles and relationships among a college or university's many constituents.
    • Promoting diversity initiatives.
    • Conducting research that contributes to an understanding of administrative practice and/or theory, as well as disseminating the results to relevant audiences.
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