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DeGarmo Hall 341
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(309) 438-2041
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(309) 438-5422
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James Palmer

Department of Educational Administration and Foundations



At Illinois State University, Palmer teaches courses on the American community college, adult and continuing education, and the history of American higher education. He is the editor of "Grapevine," an online compilation of state fiscal support for higher education.


Prior to joining the ISU faculty in 1992, he served as acting director of the Center for Community College Education at George Mason University (Fairfax, VA), vice president for communications at the American Association for Community Colleges (Washington, DC), staff associate at the Center for the Study of Community Colleges (Los Angeles, CA), and assistant director for user services at the ERIC Clearinghouse for Junior Colleges (UCLA). Palmer is a past president of the Council for the Study of Community Colleges, which is affiliated with the American Association of Community Colleges. He is the editor of "Grapevine," an online compilation of state fiscal support for higher education (

Teaching Interests and Areas

Adult and Continuing Education
Community College Education
Higher Education Administration
History of American Higher Education

Research Interests and Areas

Community College Education
Educational Finance
Educational Policy
Higher Education
History of American Higher Education


Ph D Education

University of California
Los Angeles, CA

M.L.S. Library Science

University of California
Los Angeles, CA

BA English and German

Pacific University


Book Chapters

Palmer, J. (2014). Budgeting approaches in community colleges. In , T. Bers, R. Head, & J. Palmer (Eds.), Budget and Finance in the American Community College (Vol. New Directions for Community Colleges, No. 168, pp. 29-40). San Francisco, CA: USA: Jossey-Bass. doi:10.1002/cc.20118
Palmer, J. (2013). State fiscal support for community colleges. In , J. Levin, & S. Kater (Eds.), Understanding community colleges ( pp. 171-183). New York: USA: Routledge.
Palmer, J. (2012). The perennial challenges of accountability. In , C. Secolsky, & D. Denison (Eds.), Handbook on Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation in Higher Education ( pp. 57-70). New York, NY: USA: Routledge.
Palmer, J. (2009). Trends in state tax support for higher education: Prospects for an entrepreneurial response. In , J. Knapp, & D. Siegel (Eds.), The business of higher education (Vol. Vol. 2. Management and fiscal strategies , pp. 1-16). Santa Barbara, CA: USA: Praeger/ABC-CLIO.
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