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Middle Level Education

Middle Level Education prepares candidates to teach adolescents transitioning from childhood to adulthood, placing primary focus on fifth through eighth grades, and earning students type 03 certification in grades K-9. Teacher candidates choose two subject areas of concentration (such as language arts, mathematics, history, or biology) and take additional courses in these disciplines.

Program Features

  • One of only two institutions in the state with a middle level education degree program.
  • Extensive preparation for student teaching, including specific pedagogy courses and a four-week internship experience.
  • Technology skills embedded directly into methods courses.
  • Diversity training in every course.
  • Multiple clinical experiences (more than 155 hours, including teacher institutes and parent-teacher conferences).
  • A variety of available student teaching options.
  • Alignment with standards determined by the Association for Middle Level Education, which ensures the program is kept up-to-date with regard to current research and new teachers' needs.
  • Superior performance by ISU graduates on state certification tests.
  • A high degree of professional readiness and satisfaction, as reported by our graduates and their supervisors.
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