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Clinical Experiences & Student Teaching

Clinical experiences and student teaching provide education majors with the opportunity to link theory to practice.

What are Clinical Experiences?

Clinical experiences are the first exposure to observation, tutoring, assisting, small group and whole class instruction in schools and other agencies. A minimum of 100 clinical hours are earned before student teaching and at least 50 of these hours are completed in diverse settings which are embedded into coursework.

Before starting any clinical experience, complete the clinical checklist.

What is Student Teaching?

Student teaching is the capstone of the teacher education process and occurs after clinical experiences when Gateway 1, Gateway 2, and all major course requirements have been met. During student teaching, students steadily increase classroom responsibilities and demonstrate competency in planning, assessment, instruction, and other professional tasks.

Apply to student teaching.

What are my clinical experience & student teaching options?

To find out how clinical experiences are sequenced leading up to student teaching, browse the options below. Teacher candidates may have additional clinical experiences starting as early as freshman year depending on major.

TCH: Bilingual/Bicultural | Early Childhood | Elementary | Middle Level
SED: Deaf & Hard of Hearing | Learning & Behavior | Low Vision & Blindness
Secondary & K-12

Specialized Opportunities

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