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Clinical experiences checklist

Clinical experiences are the first exposure to observation, tutoring, assisting, small group and whole class instruction in schools and other agencies. A minimum of 100 clinical hours are earned before student teaching and at least 50 of these hours are completed in diverse settings.

Clinical experiences are completed in coursework before student teaching starting as early as freshman year. 

Before starting a clinical experience

  1. Submit an Illinois State Police fingerprint Criminal Background Check (CBC) to the TEC
    • CBC's expire one year from the date the CBC was processed by the state police.
    • Complete CBC at least 2 weeks before start of clinical to allow for processing.
  2. Check with your course instructor for information about your site. See clinical options below:
  3. Complete district/agency requirements for your assigned site.
  4. Make sure to have appropriate Insurance Coverage.
  5. Review the Site Code of Conduct and Rights and Responsibilities
  6. Know that transportation to all sites are the student's responsibility.

After completing a clinical experience, each teacher candidate must:

Complete and submit the online clinical documentation form, formerly known as “blue docs.”  Your clinical experience hours must be approved by your course professor before it can be processed into the computer system. 

Use this instructional video  to learn how to complete and submit your form, which is accessible through  The video is approximately 8 minutes in length and will give you details about the following:

  • How to access the form
  • What items need to be completed
  • How to submit the form to your professor for approval
  • Who to contact if the school or cooperating teacher is not listed -

For extra support, please refer to this handout.  Also there are tips to successfully completing the online form.

Have you already logged clinical hours from a previous semester?  Look at this flowchart to ensure you keep those previously logged hours while logging new hours to be approved by your professor.  If you accidently overrode previous hours, please refer to this handout.  If you want to view previous hours, please refer to this handout.

To ensure timely submission to your professor, please complete and submit your form as soon as possible.  This will also allow The Cecilia J. Lauby Teacher Education Center to assist you with any issues that may arise. 

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