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Clinical Experiences Checklist

Clinical experiences are the first exposure to observation, tutoring, assisting, small group and whole class instruction in schools and other agencies. A minimum of 100 clinical hours are earned before student teaching and at least 50 of these hours are completed in diverse settings.

Clinical experiences are completed in coursework before student teaching starting as early as freshman year. 

Before starting a clinical experience

  1. Submit an Illinois State Police fingerprint Criminal Background Check (CBC) to the TEC
    • CBC's expire one year from the date CBC was processed by the state police.
    • Complete cbc at least 2 weeks before start of clinical to allow for processing.
  2. Check with your course instructor for information about your site. See clinical options below:
  3. Complete district/agency requirements for your assigned site.
  4. Make sure to have appropriate Insurance Coverage.
  5. Review the Site Code of Conduct and Rights and Responsibilities
  6. Know that transportation to all sites are the student's responsibility.

After completing a clinical experience

Complete the clinical experience form online, which will be available at the end of the semester.  Clinical hours must be approved by the course professor before it will be processed into the system.

Spring clinical experience forms will be processed by the end of June.  Summer and fall clinical experiences will be processed by the end of February.

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