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Cecilia J. Lauby Teacher Education Center

Criminal Background Check (CBC) Requirements

All teacher candidates must submit an Illinois State Police fingerprint Criminal Background Check (CBC) to the TEC before beginning any clinical experience. A CBC protects preK-12 students by verifying the teacher candidate has not been convicted of illegal activity.

You may submit a copy of a current CBC from a school district or a CBC vendor. CBC's expire one year from the process date.

Before visiting a CBC vendor, check the clinical checklist for assigned district CBC requirements.

Local CBC vendor clinics

You may complete your CBC fingerprint scan at any Livescan vendor site in Illinois, including the vendors below.

  • Results are sent to ISU if the CBC form is submitted to the vendor at time of service.
  • If CBC form is not submitted to the vendor, results are sent to your residence, and a copy must be sent to the TEC.
Walk-in clinic at Accurate Biometrics
  • 1101 N. Main St. Normal, IL 61761 (Alumni Center Plaza)
  • Tuesday and Thursday,  9am - 12:30pm & 1:30pm - 5pm
  • Illinois State Police Check = $30; FBI Check = $45. No cash or personal checks accepted
  • Accurate Biometrics CBC form
Appointment clinic at Bushue Background Screening
  • 200 W. Front St. Bloomington, IL 6176 
  • Open on Mondays: Call (217)342-3042 or (877)342-3042 for appointment
  • Bushue CBC form 
FBI criminal background check (not required by ISU)

The FBI Criminal Background Check is not required at this time, however, if a school district requests that you submit a copy:

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