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Cecilia J. Lauby Teacher Education Center

Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Content Test

This test assesses the knowledge and skills required to teach the subject matter in which you are becoming licensed.

Prepare for the content test

Use study guides to prepare for the test.

Register for the content test

Register online.

If you take a computer-based ILTS test, you must wait 30 days before retaking the same test on computer.

Undergraduate Tests

Education Major TEST CODE Test Name
Agriculture Teacher Education 170 Agriculture
Art Teacher Education 145 Art (K-12): Visual Arts
Biology Teacher Education 105 Science: Biology
Business Teacher Education 171 Business/Marketing Management
Computer   Ed
Chemistry Teacher Education 106 Science: Chemistry
Communication Studies Teacher Education 111 English: Language Arts
Early Childhood Teacher Education 107 Early Childhood Education
Elementary Teacher Education: Bilingual/Bicultural 110 Elementary/Middle Grades
Elementary Teacher Education: Bilingual/Bicultural 56 Target Language Proficiency:   Spanish
Elementary Teacher Education 110 Elementary/Middle Grades
Elementary Teacher Education (Grades 1 - 6) 197 to 200 Elementary (Grades 1 - 6)
Middle Level Teacher Education 110 Elementary/Middle Grades
English Teacher Education 111 English: Language Arts
Family & Consumer Science Teacher Education 172 Family and Consumer Sciences
French Teacher Education 127 Foreign Language: French
Geography 113 Social Science: Geography
Geology: Earth & Space  108 Science: Earth & Space
German Teacher Education 128 Foreign Language: German
History Teacher Education: Social Sciences 114 Social Science: History
School Health Teacher Education 142 Health Education
Mathematics Teacher Education 115 Mathematics
Music Teacher Education: Chor-Gen-Vocal 143 Music
Music Teacher Education: Chor-Keyboard 143 Music
Music Teacher Education: Inst-Orchestra 143 Music
Music Teacher Education: Instr-Band 143 Music
Physical Education Teacher Education 144 Physical Education
Physics Teacher Education 116 Science: Physics
*Reading 176 Reading Specialist
  177 Reading Teacher
*School Librarianship (Bac Grad Cer) 175 Library Information Specialist
*School Psychology 183 School Psychologist
*School Social Work 184 School Social Worker
Spanish Teacher Education 135 Foreign Language: Spanish
SED: Deaf and Hard of Hearing 151 SED: Deaf & Hard of Hearing
SED: Deaf and Hard of Hearing 163 SED: General Curriculum
 SED: Learning and Behavior 155 SED: Learning Behavior Specialist
 SED: Learning and Behavior 163 SED: General Curriculum
 SED: Low Vision and Blindness 150 SED: Blind/Visually Impaired
 SED: Low Vision and Blindness 163 SED: General Curriculum
*SED: LBSII Behavior Intervention 156 LBS II: Behavior Specialist
*SED: LBSII Curriculum Adaptation Specialist 158 LBS II: Curriculum Adaptation   Specialist
*SED: LBSII Multiple Disabilities Specialist 160 LBS II: Multiple Disabilities   Specialist
*SED: LBSII Technology Specialist 161 LBS II: Technology Specialist
*SED: LBSII Transition Specialist 162 LBS II: Transition Specialist
*Speech Path & Audiology 154 Speech-Language Pathologist: Non-Teaching
Technology Teacher Education 174 Technology Education
Theatre Teacher Education: Dance 140 Dance
Theatre Teacher Education 141 Drama/Theatre Arts


Graduate Tests

Director of Special Education Grad Cert 180 SED: Director of Special Ed
Educational Admin: Chief Business School Official 185 Chief Business School Official
Ed Admin/General Admin Grad Cert 195/196 Principal as Instructional Leader
Ed Admin/Superindt Endor: Grad Cert 187 Superintendent
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