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DeGarmo Hall DeG 519
Office Phone
(309) 438-4618
Department Phone
(309) 438-5415
(309) 438-3813

Dr. Barbara Meyer

Associate Dean
Office of the Dean



Dr. Barbara B. Meyer serves as the Associate Dean for Partnerships, Grants, Graduate Programs and International Opportunities


Dr. Barbara B. Meyer began her work at Illinois State University in 2001 in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction where she worked as a Secondary Teacher Education Generalist. Since that time, she served as LiveText Coordinator for the Univerity, Secondary Teacher Education Coordinator in C&I, Assistant Chair in C&I, Chair and Director in C&I/The School of Teaching & Learning, and currently Associate Dean.

Teaching Interests and Areas

Action Research
Curriculum Development
Secondary Education
Teacher Education
Teacher Preparation

Research Interests and Areas

Higher Education
Secondary Education
Teacher Education


EDD Instructional & Curriculum Leadership

University of Memphis
Memphis, TN

MAT Secondary Education / Spanish

University of Memphis
Memphis, TN

BA Spanish / Sociology (Minor)

Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH

Awards & Honors

Appreciation for Superior Teaching Award

Student Education Association



Lucey, T., & Meyer, B. (2012). Does Social Studies Teaching uphold the Citizenship Values to which Students should aspire? Survey Findings from one state..
Garrahy, D., & Meyer, B. (2011). We're going to figure that out together: Implications of segregating programs in content literacy courses. US-China Education Review. Vol. 8 (3), pp. 288-301.


Donnel, J., & Meyer, B. (January 2015). It takes a campus: Implementing Curriculum Change to Incorporate State Mandates. Presented at the Hawaii International Conference on Education. Honolulu, HI.
Adkins, A., Palmer, E., Donnel, J., & Meyer, B. (January 2015). Leaning In: Implementing edTPA. Presented at the Hawaii International Conference on Education. Honolulu, HI.
Meyer, B., Donnell, J., & Latham, N. I. (February 2012). Strengthening Teacher Preparation and School Partners Through Healthy, Reciprocal Partnerships.. Presented at the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education . Chicago, IL.
Meyer, B., & Lucey, T. A. (June 2011). "Does Social Studies Teaching Uphold the Citizenship Values to which Students should Aspire? Survey findings from one state.". Presented at the Bi-annual meeting of the International Association for Citizenship, Social, andd Economics Education.. Bath, England, UK.
Meyer, B., & Garrahy, D. (January 2011). Content Literacy for PETE majors: Applying research findings to the reality of University Teacher Education.. Presented at the National Association for Kinesciology and Physical Education in Higher Education. Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL.
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