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Cecilia J. Lauby Teacher Education Center

Illinois State education programs are among the best.

They allow students the opportunity to gain real classroom experience throughout their studies. The faculty is well versed in practical application for the classroom (in addition to the philosophy and theory) and students leave ISU with a solid base to begin their career as educators.
Michelle Lamboley, Director of Special Education, McLean County Unit District 5

Strong consideration is given to where a candidate earns his/her degree.

Those individuals coming out of the education program at Illinois State have a leg up on their peers coming from other institutions. The programs are very strong and we are able to hire many outstanding candidates who match what we are looking for.
Barry Reilly, Superintendent, District 87 Schools

At Illinois State, we were constantly observing, teaching, and even assessing kids in real life situations in their classroom. We weren't hypothetically going through scenarios and playing "what if" games. Illinois State made sure that we had experiences in multiple schools, grade levels, and classrooms. This exposed us to many different learning styles, economic make-ups, and teaching styles.
Ashley Outlaw, fourth grade teacher, Jimmy Elrod Elementary School, San Antonio, TX

I think the number one thing that really helps Illinois State educators stand out from others, is all of the classroom experiences that students get to have in the education programs at Illinois State University. When I was going through the early childhood education program at ISU, I spent four semesters in the classroom even before student teaching. This is something that I really think helped to prepare me for my career in education.
Kaitlynn Wujek, Lincoln School

According to IL Representative Sandra Pihos, whenever she asks superintendents in her district for their recommendation for teacher education programs, they consistently answer Illinois State.

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